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What are the components of fitness?

Physical fitness is the amount of compatibility in a person’s physical condition with the elements of physical fitness and the extent of his possession of them and with certain measurements, and it can be measured through many measurement devices and tests, and the most important elements of physical fitness are the following:

Muscle strength:

Muscular strength enables a person to confront, challenge, and carry out activities that require effort and strength. There are many factors that affect muscle strength, such as: the type of fibers, their size, exercises on the muscles, rest periods between these exercises, nutrition, and psychological status.


It is the ability of the player or person to resist fatigue and other pressures that he faces while playing and exercising, and it is very important for sports activities that need a long time, and works to strengthen the will. Including psychological state and personal goals.

The speed :

Speed ​​is the movement and physical activity in the least amount of time possible, and is very important in races that depend on speed such as running, swimming, and climbing races, and it has a close relationship with agility, and depends on muscle strength and willpower, and speed can be increased through repetition, training competitions, and games collective.


The flexibility of a person controls his movement and his ability to learn and practice movements correctly, and also works to affect the time needed to perform movements so that he reduces it and the effort expended, and the player or person does not get tired easily, it expresses the range of movement around a joint, and flexibility can be gained through Continuous training and exercise of stretching exercises.


Balance expresses the stability of the body when performing some movements, such as standing on one leg, for example, or walking on a rope. .

Neuromuscular compatibility:

It is the ability to perform physical and muscular actions in conjunction with the senses, such as the use of hands and eyes when playing table tennis, for example, where the athlete is agile if he is able to reconcile well between his movements.

Body composition:

The composition of the body expresses the relative amounts of muscle, bone, water, and fat in a person. It is important to determine these percentages and not rely on measuring weight alone, and this can be measured by visiting a doctor who has special devices and tools that help him to do so.
The importance of physical fitness for an individual:
It is important to be in physical fitness because it may provide the following:

The benefits of the fitness:


  • It helps the individual to form his personality, and develop sound social and moral values ​​such as sportsmanship, cooperation, discipline, and order. It helps the individual to improve his health, obtain a harmonious body and a beautiful body, and keeps him away from obesity, heart, and muscular system problems.


  • It helps the individual to express himself and his talents, and to control his emotions, and also helps him to enhance self-confidence and form a balanced, self-reliant, psychologically integrated personality, and makes him feel self-satisfied and pleased.


  • it help the individual to develop his mind; Because sports skills and activities help to activate the mind and expand its perceptions, as well as help it to analyze, perceive, and think.


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